West Coast Winter Roadtrip

In September last year I moved to Los Angeles to spend 5 months studying there.

During the winter break some friends and I decided to go on a road trip. The plan was to meet with other students from our school in Las Vegas to celebrate New Years there. So we tried to build a route which includes all the places we wanted to visit and a stop in Vegas for New Years. We decided to drive through Big Sur to San Francisco and stay there a few nights. Then we drove east to Sequoia National Park before heading to Las Vegas from there. Lots of things didn’t work out during the trip, starting on the first day. We left LA too late and didn’t really got to see Big Sur because it was already dark when we finally got there. New Years in Vegas wasn’t as special as most of us had hoped and everyone was bummed out about it. After a few down days in Vegas we started the second half of the trip and the excitement was back. We drove east to Page, Arizona which is close to the Horseshoe Bend and the Antelope Canyon. After visiting both there was only one stop left on our trip, which was the Grand Canyon. I don’t really know why but at the time I wasn’t that excited to see it, which resulted in me being completely blown away when we finally stood at the edge of it. The Trip wasn’t perfect by any means but nonetheless a great experience and definitely one of the highlights of my time in the US. 

Here are some of my favourite photos of the trip.

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Photographer: Jochen Wochele (Instagram, website)

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