The Shivering Mountain

A Fictional Interview


The girl with glasses thought she heard a voice. She felt a chill, and quickly turned around. No one was there, but she could feel an enormous presence surrounding her.

“Who’s there?” She asked, timidly.

“Look straight ahead. I am making noise so you can see me.”

The girl adjusted her glasses. The only noise she saw was on the mountains ahead of her. The girl cleared her throat. She asked, less afraid this time,

“I’m having a strange day. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?”

The Path in Front of You

“I don’t know where I’m going.” She told the mountain.

“There really is no direction but the path right in front of you. Follow it.”

The Upside Down

“Sometimes I feel like everything is turning upside down. Do you feel like that?”

“No. But you move around freely, and I don’t.”

Ultralight Beam

“Does it hurt when the light comes down on you like that?”

“No. It feels magnificent, actually.”


“Do you ever get jealous of the sun?”

“Yes. But the sun has bad days too.


Zipping her rain jacket all the way to her neck, the girl asked,

“What do you do when you get cold?”

“I shiver. Don’t you?”

Only Some are Listening

“Do you wish you could talk to everyone?”

“No. Only certain people can hear me…the ones who are listening. I prefer it that way.”


“What do the clouds feel like when they get caught on you?”

“Nothing. I can’t feel them.”


“What do you breathe?”

There was no reply.

The girl with the glasses felt a sharp pang of desperation. She didn’t know if the mountain had grown tired of her, if she was imagining this voice the whole time, or whether she knew more or less after her round of questioning. She exhaled deeply, and feeling the salty air against her skin, almost like it was holding her in place where she was sitting impatiently, she accepted the fact that she would never know the answer to this question, and many others. She took three more deep breaths, and feeling slightly more at peace with herself, she walked away.

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Photographer: Darcy Stein (Instagram)

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