Shelter From The Storm

Things, very simple and intangible, that you never forget

My name is Valentin Duciel, a 23 years old French film photographer. I started photography when I went to live in Manchester, England after a painful separation. I had a thunderbolt for the photo, and this is what allows me to escape. I am very inspired by the writings of Kerouac, the one that inspires me the most and which was a real revelation is "The Dharma Bums". I am passionate about travel, discoveries of all kinds, I hate modern society and its actors. I am passionate about learning, I am anti religious and I love the ocean and the mountains, I carry an infinite love for nature, this thing that humans destroy for small greenbacks.
I love solitude and encounters, run naked, feel the rain pouring down my cheeks, get drunk around the fire. Things, very simple and intangible, that you never forget.

I'm having fun for photographing these moments of life, with my friends during my walks and travels.

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Photographer: Valentin Duciel (InstagramFacebook)

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Summer of 2014

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