Summer in Athens

Athens is a very peculiar city, or rather a city with a very peculiar beauty. One can spot huge diversity and "layers" all around. In Athens you never know what you are about to discover behind that building you may be passing by every day. Where will you end up if you take a different turn? That is both unsettling and sort of exciting, isn't it? It is not Paris or Rome, you will not marvel at some fine architecture, you will not be amazed by the city's vintage vibes but yet it has some gravitational pull towards people. 

The name of the series is Noises, for image is noise, feelings are noise, dreams are noise. Into this chaos we live in, pretty much everything seems to be noise, even love or art. So this shots are my noises through the city I was born and raised into. They are an attempt to capture some different era's vibes that still exist somewhere hidden all around Athens.

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Photographer: Ioanna Fytopoulou (Instagram)
Location: Athens, Greece

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Familiar Places, New Experiences

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