I Don’t Want to Go Home

Getting Lost in Gran Canaria

I’m usually not the type to be enthusiastic about going hiking - I’m more the type that’s on the internet and watches other people do dope stuff. I guess, it takes a handful of eager friends to force me to join them. 

I shot these photos over the course of two winters on western part of Gran Canaria, Spain. 

While most of the island’s beach areas are stuffed with cheap hotels, lousy restaurants and stupid waterparks, just a few hundred meters outside of these touristic valleys Gran Canaria’s nature is pretty much untouched and incredibly versatile - steep mountains, forgotten bays, black beaches and small creeks.

During our randomly chosen and terribly planned trips, our backpacks basically only contained cheap red wine and local ham, what seemed to be key to make for some incredible memories worth keeping. 

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Photographer: Julius Gabele (Instagram, website)
Based in Augsburg, Germany and Barcelona, Spain. 
Worked as an assistant for a commercial photographer for a few years and learned the basics of photography. 
Forgot everything and started out on my own, doing wedding, portrait, fashion and travel photography. 

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