Familiar Places, New Experiences

in the South of Vietnam

You’ve probably seen countless travel pictures of Vietnam on social media, and most of those pictures were taken in the big cities like Hanoi or Saigon. However, if you travel more down South of Vietnam, you can see Vietnam that has a lot to offer travelers. During my trip back to Vietnam this summer, I had the chance to explore more places in the South and experienced new things about the lifestyle in Vietnam. Some of the places I visited were the Floating Market, where people actually live on the boat and making a living, to an Austronesian village up in a mountain where most of the Islam community lived. The trip was really an eye-opening experience for me, and to save these memories, I decided to capture the moments that express the lifestyle of the people here. From my own experience, I believe that you’ll find exploring Vietnam very interesting and visually pleasing.

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Photographer: Vu Phan (Instagram)

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